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Olympus Superzoom 110 Compact Camera for 35mm Film With Original Case

Olympus Superzoom 110 Compact Camera for 35mm Film With Original Case

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The Olympus Superzoom 110 (also known as Infinity SuperZoom 3000 in the US) was released in 1994 and is part of the infamous Superzoom series. It's a compact and easy-to-use camera which is fully automatic and has a range of program modes such as:

Auto Zoom
The subject’s head and shoulders fill the image. The camera zooms automatically.

Focus and exposure are set to the center of the image.

Night Scene
Shooting mode for photos at night. This mode can be combined with the four different flash modes.

Automatically focuses on a subject that is in motion.

The focus is fixed at infinity. This mode makes sense for landscape photos.

Double Exposure
In this mode, two pictures can be taken on one frame. The camera does not advance on the first shot, but allows a second shutter release to allow for surreal shots.

The lens is a high quality 38-110mm zoom lens, able to take great quality photos.

Comes with the original case and a new camera strap (not original).

38-110mm f/3.8-8.1 Zoom Lens
Automatic Focusing/Exposing
Many different program modes
Built in automatic flash with red eye reduction
Self timer
Automatic film advance and rewind
Tripod mount
Batteries: 2x CR123A
Size :13,3 x 6,8 x 5,6 cm
Weight: 305 g

The camera is in very good condition. The original case is worn out over the logo but fully functional.

All our cameras are cleaned, tested and 100% working! Comes with a 30-days guarantee.

The camera is packaged securely and shipped immediately. Tracked & Worldwide Shipping Available.

EU: 4-8 Business days
UK: 4-8 Business days
USA & Canada: 7-10 Business days
Australia & New Zealand: 12-14 Business days

Materials: Plastic,Glass,Metal

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